Sexy Saturday 09/07/2019

Hi kitties! Welcome to another Sexy Saturday! Yay! Today, I am going to share with you something a little bit different.

I wrote this after CHC because I couldn’t get this scene out of my head – what exactly did happen in the back of the Nova with Tamerlane and Lorre?

Warnings for NSFW/rough sexy times/potty mouths


Mickey Tamerlane already knew exactly what he was going to do first when he stepped outside of prison as a free man. He flipped off every last guard he could see and pissed right out on the street.

He smiled happily as he zipped his pants up, laughing to himself. He hoped this was the last time he ever saw this wretched place, grinning when he saw his 1972 Nova SS pull up in front of him with Julian Price at the wheel.

Right on time.

Jules made the engine roar, grinning slyly as he put it in park and stepped out to greet him.

“Hey, hey now,” Tamerlane snorted. “Be careful with Baby.” He gave Jules a quick hug, clapping him on the back.

“Hey, I brought her, didn’t I?” Jules protested, gesturing to the car. “Took really good care of her while you were in.”

“Keys,” Tamerlane demanded, holding out his hand.

“Fine,” Jules grumbled, slapping them into Tamerlane’s waiting palm. “Party pooper.”

Tamerlane grinned, sliding into the driver’s seat. Fuck, it was almost better than sex. Almost. The leather fitting all around him, the grip of the steering wheel, all that power beneath his feet. He smirked at Jules as he got in, revving the engine and purring, “Buckle up.”

Jules eagerly strapped in, laughing as Tamerlane took off, switching gears like a maniac as he raced away. He was too happy to put the prison behind him, groaning lovingly as his car growled and purred, the engine rumbling beautifully as he drove.

“Just drop me off at my place,” Jules instructed. “Cold is throwing you a little party tonight. Welcome home and all that shit.”

“Whole gang will be there, huh?” Tamerlane asked with a smirk.

“Including your boy Lorre,” Jules noted.

Tamerlane drove faster, gritting his teeth as he snapped, “Not mine anymore.”

“Fine, fuckin’ touchy,” Jules snorted. They didn’t say another word, driving in a comfortable silence until Tamerlane dropped Jules off.

Jules shook his hand before departing, saying, “Go handle your shit. We’ll see you tonight. Cold is plannin’ something.”

Tamerlane grinned. “Can’t wait.”

He took off the second Jules was safely out of the car. His apartment keys were in his personal effects the prison gave back to him, glad to finally be home.

He didn’t have too long before the party, making sure everything was in its proper place just as he had left it. To his surprise, he found a new suit hanging up in his closet.

Definitely from the Boss.

Cold had taken good care of Tamerlane while he was locked up, and he was going to make sure the man knew he appreciated it.

He got ready, taking a ridiculously long and scalding hot shower before getting dressed. If he happened to splash on the cologne that he knew was Lorre’s favorite, he told himself it was just a coincidence.

Tamerlane went down to his car, happily sliding in the driver’s seat and listening to the engine purr. He kissed the steering wheel, sighing contently. He had missed his Baby… and maybe one other person in particular he would die before admitting.

Of course, when he arrived at Cold’s estate, that one particular asshole happened to be standing outside. Tamerlane glared, his insides twisted up by a mix of longing and rage.

Roger Lorre.

He stepped out of the car, intending on walking right by him and ignoring that cheating prick completely.

“Who picked you up?” Lorre asked, his arms crossing over his chest.

“The fuck do you care,” Tamerlane snorted, leaning his hip against the car door. He felt trapped by Lorre’s intense gaze, trying not to stare back too hard.

Fuck, he looked good.

“You could have called me,” Lorre said, taking a few steps closer.

“And interrupt you and Pym? Wouldn’t dream of it,” Tamerlane sneered, trying to focus on his anger.

“It was one fucking time! You were gone! I didn’t know for how long!” Lorre exploded passionately, suddenly right in Tamerlane’ face. “I was fucking lonely! It was a mistake, I already tried to apologize-“

“Fuck you! Like I wasn’t fuckin’ lonely, too?” Tamerlane growled, snatching Lorre by the front of his shirt. “I was in fucking prison! I was fucking miserable! I couldn’t even get a fucking drink, couldn’t take a shit without some pig watching me! Do you know how many guys wanted to be my bitch, huh? And oh, look at that, my dick magically stayed right in my fucking pants.”

“You got like ten fucking years! Ten years, Tamerlane! I didn’t know if Cold could get you out! What did you expect me to do!” Lorre shoved Tamerlane back. “Wait for you?”

“It never even crossed your mind, did it?” Tamerlane was visibly stung, shaking his head. “You fuckin’ piece of shit. You selfish fucking slut, fuck you.”

“Fuck you!”

“No, fuck you!” Tamerlane seethed, the rage boiling between them was palpable and intense, roughly grabbing for Lorre’s shoulders. “God, how I fucking hate you.”

“I hate you, too!” Lorre snapped, his hand clawing at Tamerlane’ shoulders. “You arrogant, stupid bastard.”

Tamerlane snarled, grabbing a tight fistful of Lorre’s hair, dragging him into a angry kiss.

Lorre growled and bit Tamerlane’ lip harshly, his fists pounding into his chest in protest, snarling, “You fucking scum sucking bastard!”

“Ball gargling whore,” Tamerlane shot back, licking at his bleeding lip.

Lorre melted immediately, groaning, “Fuck, I love it when you talk dirty.” He grabbed Tamerlane’ face, kissing him madly, grinding as close as he could.

Tamerlane hated how easy it was for him to give in, to forget how Lorre had hurt him. He adored him, all of his flaws, every last fucked up bit of him.

No one got his blood pumping like this Lorre. Not another soul could ever compare.

Tamerlane purred, kissing Lorre deeply, his hands all over him. His shoulders, his hips, his ass; God yes, his ass. He’d thought about that ass for months in prison, getting a good handful and squeezing hard.

Lorre gasped, their teeth hitting as their kiss deepened, dragging his fingers over Tamerlane’ skull. He knew he wasn’t a good person; then again, neither was Tamerlane. But they were so good together. They were so good at this.

“Backseat?” Tamerlane asked, though it wasn’t much of a question. He already knew where this was going.

“Don’t you have a party to get to?” Lorre laughed breathlessly.

“We’ll have our own little party,” Tamerlane sighed, nosing along Lorre’s jaw, squeezing his hips. “Just me and you.”

Lorre grinned slyly, already pushing Tamerlane aside and crawling into the back of the car. He started unbuttoning his pants, asking, “Still keep lube in the glove compartment?”

“Towel, too. And condoms,” Tamerlane snorted, grabbing what they needed, “Ain’t fuckin’ you without one, you fucking whore.”

Lorre rolled his eyes, shoving his pants down and rolling onto his stomach as he hissed, “Shut the fuck up, you whiny bitch. Just fuck me already.”

“Fuck you,” Tamerlane growled, pulling out his cock and sliding the condom on. He roughly slid a splash of lube between Lorre’s cheeks and added some more to his cock, panting eagerly.

“Come the fuck on,” Lorre snapped impatiently, glancing over his shoulder. He spread his legs, his feet tapping the side window as he tried to get comfortable.

Tamerlane straddled him, his cock hanging hard and eager, pressing against Lorre’s thigh. He shoved Lorre’s face down against the seat, gripping his hair cruelly, snapping, “Shut the fuck up, fuck, you never fucking shut up!”

“What’s wrong? Can’t get it up?” Lorre sneered. “Prison got your junk all fucked up?”

“Ohhhh, fuck you,” Tamerlane laughed, seething as he lined himself up, pushing in deep. “Goddamn…”

Lorre moaned low in sympathy, gasping as Tamerlane began to thrust. That perfect moment when they were fully joined, both panting and gasping, was one Lorre never wanted to lose. He wished it could last forever.

“Can’t believe how tight you are,” Tamerlane sighed adoringly, adding with a little snort, “Especially with all that dick you’ve been takin’ on the side.”

“This is it? Are you just gonna talk?” Lorre asked dryly, “or are we gonna fuck?”

Tamerlane gave no reply except to slam his hips forward, both men groaning loudly. God, it felt so good. It had been so long for him, and Lorre was incredible. He had to concentrate on holding off or he was gonna bust on the spot.

Lorre lifted up his ass, pushing himself back to meet Tamerlane for every thrust, crying out, “Fuck! God, yes. Just like that, just like that.”

Tamerlane fucked him hard, their combined breath already starting to fog up the back windows. He let his legs and hips do all the work, pounding Lorre’s body down into the seat, growling ferociously.

“Fuck, yeah,” he snarled. “I don’t care who you fuck, nobody else can fuck you like I can.”

“Fuckin’ prove it,” Lorre laughed between groans.

Tamerlane was good. No, he was more than good; he was fantastic. But it required a special kind of persuasion to get him really going. He had to piss him off.

Tamerlane pressed his body down until he was completely flush against Lorre, hissing, “I fuckin’ hate you.”

“Not as much as I fuckin’ hate you, you bald prick,” Lorre shot back. He saw the burning rage in Tamerlane’s face, and he knew he’d won.

Tamerlane started fucking him even harder, angry and unstable, their bodies slapping loudly as they collided. The very car began to rock, its wobble fueled by Tamerlane’ furious hips.

Lorre groaned and grunted, his lips parting in absolute bliss. He clawed at the seats, letting Tamerlane fuck him as brutally as he wanted. He had missed this so much, gasping when Tamerlane bowed his head and roughly bit his shoulder.

Tamerlane kept thrusting, never ceasing, even when there was a tap on the windshield. He looked up to see Jules standing there, giving him a friendly wave. Tamerlane grinned in returned, his rhythm not faltering for a moment.

“Fuck, who was that?” Lorre panted.

“Jules,” Tamerlane replied breathlessly, sliding his hand down Lorre’s arm and tangling their fingers together. His thrusts were still hard, but he was slowing down, pushing as deep as he could each time.

Lorre grunted when Tamerlane bottomed out inside of him, squeezing his hand, hissing, “Fuck… I missed you.”

Tamerlane kissed the side of Lorre’s face, his ear, sighing, “I missed you, too.”

From there it was nothing but loving rolls of Tamerlane’s hips, mouthing along Lorre’s throat and jaw, the intensity no longer fueled by rage but by something deeper.

Every day while in prison Tamerlane had thought about Lorre.

He was an itch he couldn’t scratch away, a fucking splinter stuck under his skin that he couldn’t dig out no matter how hard he tried. Even when he had learned of Lorre’s infidelity, his desire wasn’t diluted in the slightest. In a strangely maddening way, it made him want Lorre even more.

Tamerlane wanted to prove that no matter where he strayed, no one could ever make him feel like he could.

No one else could ever love him like he did.

Lorre was crying out from every adoring slam, tilting his hips up to perfect the angle, kissing and sucking at Tamerlane’ fingers.

Tamerlane slid his thumb over Lorre’s lower lip, kissing his cheek, starting to pick up the pace once more. “Fuck, gettin’ close…”

“Come on, baby,” Lorre snarled, groaning desperately. “Come on… fuckin’ get that nut.”

Tamerlane hammered Lorre’s body mercilessly, roaring as he came, grunting as he spilled everything he had. He was out of breath, sweating, kissing at Lorre’s face, panting, “Come on. I wanna watch you come.”

Lorre reached underneath himself, starting to stroke himself to completion until Tamerlane snapped, “Not on the fucking seat! Roll the fuck over.”

The only thing in the world that could possibly compete for Tamerlane’ affection was this car.

Lorre growled as Tamerlane pulled out and moved off of him, swinging his body around so he was on his back. He pulled Tamerlane down for a damp kiss, sighing appreciatively when he felt Tamerlane’ fingers grabbing his cock.

“There you go,” Tamerlane mumbled, jerking him faster and faster, making him twitch and whimper. “Come on. Get it, baby, come on.”

Lorre kissed Tamerlane hard, sliding their tongues together as he chased his climax. Tamerlane kissed him until he couldn’t breathe, gasping as the pressure down in his loins snapped, his hips stuttering as he came all over himself.

His head smacked against the seat, grinning happily as Tamerlane worked him through it, moaning, “Fuck, yeah…”

When Tamerlane was sure Lorre was finally spent, he wiped off his hand on the towel. He tossed it at Lorre to clean himself up, shifting over in the seat.

“So…” Lorre said, sitting up and adjusting himself, wiggling back into his pants.

“So?” Tamerlane echoed, getting dressed against as well and tying off the condom.

“We doin’ this again?” Lorre asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

“Depends on you,” Tamerlane said softly.


“Yeah, whether you can keep your dick in line,” Tamerlane replied bitterly.

Lorre reached for his hand, soothing, “I’m here, aren’t I? I don’t want anyone else but you. I mean it.”

Tamerlane hesitated, but gave Lorre’s hand a small squeeze. He met Lorre’s gaze, searching his face for some degree of certainty. “Well,” he said, pressing close for a rough kiss, “don’t make me fucking regret it.”

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