Sexy Saturday 08/31/2019

Hey kits and kittens! Welcome to the very first official Sexy Saturday! Today’s little treat is another cut scene from the original manuscript of CHC!

This was the first ending for Chapter 23 before I decided to chop it for length. Hope you all enjoy it!

Warnings for NSFW/spankings/belts


Cold smirked; that damned beautiful smirk. He pushed Jimmy down to his knees, starting to unbuckle his pants as he purred, “Well… it is my birthday, isn’t it? Go on and show me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy beamed up at him, licking his lips eagerly as he happily replied “Yes, sir.”

Cold pulled out his cock, half hard and presenting himself to Jimmy like an offering.

Jimmy lunged forward, grabbing the base and eagerly taking all he could into his mouth. He swirled his tongue all around it, groaning contently, his eyes fluttering as he gazed up at Cold. He used his other hand to touch, to caress, to show exactly how beautiful he thought Cold was.

Cold gasped quietly when Jimmy’s fingers found his balls, watching him pull off for a quick breath and running his tongue all over them. He suckled each one lovingly into his mouth before diving back onto his cock, his hands both now moving to squeeze Cold’s hips.

Cold let Jimmy suck and moan all he wanted, gently petting his hair, praising, “Mmmm, I’m starting to think you’re the beautiful one… because you look positively angelic with your lips wrapped around me.”

Jimmy blushed at the praise, encourage to suck even harder, taking all he could down his throat until his eyes watered and he gagged. Still determined, he kept going, pushing himself to take it all and he loved to Cold hear groaning.

He was usually so quiet, but now he was growling such lewd things, murmuring, “Yes, suck it down, Mr. Poe. Take all my cock, fuck, you look so good choking on my fucking cock…”

Jimmy wanted to taste him, wanted him to come in his mouth, whining when Cold stopped him by tugging him off by his hair.

“As fantastic as that is,” Cold panted, sounding surprisingly out of breath, “I have other plans for you, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy pouted, but obeyed, licking his lips to get every last taste of Cold he could, nodding, “Yes, sir.”

Cold grunted as he tucked his erection into his pants, sitting down on the chaise at the foot of the bed. He sighed softly, his eyes moving over Jimmy’s lean body. “Strip for me. Slowly.”

Jimmy smiled and blushed, moving to slide his jacket off his shoulders as he stood up. He took his time, swaying his hips to music playing inside his head. He hummed softly, carefully unfastening his shirt and letting it join his jacket on the floor.

He was especially slow as he opened up his pants, wiggling them with his underwear down his hips inch by inch, grinning as his hard cock sprang out. He slowly stepped out of them, peeling off his socks, proudly standing naked before Cold.

“Come here,” Cold said, gazing hungrily over Jimmy and patting his lap with a coy smile.

Jimmy eagerly stretched out across Cold’s thighs, his erection trapped between his stomach and Cold’s leg, groaning at the pressure.

Cold’s hand rubbed over Jimmy’s cheeks in soothing circles, taunting, “I think birthday spankings are in order, don’t you?”

“You’re the birthday boy,” Jimmy replied with a small laugh, his ass flexing instinctively. “Aren’t you supposed to get the spankings?”

“Oh, but it’s my birthday,” Cold drawled, “and I want to give them all to you. All forty five of them.”

“Christ,” Jimmy whimpered, silently chanting the safe word over and over in case he needed it.

“Are you ready, Mr. Poe?” Cold purred.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, sharply inhaling.

Cold raised his hand and to Jimmy’s surprise, only lightly tapped his cheek. “One.” He gently tapped him again. “Two…”

“That’s it?” Jimmy croaked dumbly, not understanding what Cold was playing at it.

Cold reared his arm back, snapping his palm across both cheeks with a loud crack, taunting, “Three.”

Jimmy cried out, panting as he began to see the little game Cold was setting up for them. He would be gentle at first, teasing him with the thrill of pain to come before spanking him hard and viciously.

Jimmy’s ass was getting raw, burning, his head hanging down as he struggled to contain his moans. He never knew which hit was going to hurt, which ones would be kind, twisting in agony when Cold delivered a particularly sharp smack.

All the way up to forty two Cold counted, making sure the forty second was especially mean, teasing, “I can see my handprints all over your lovely little ass.” He petted him gently, giving his hip a squeeze, praising, “You did very well.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy whined softly.

“Three more left… but I have something else in mind,” Cold purred wickedly, his hands moving away and Jimmy could hear the rattle of his belt buckle.

“Fuck,” Jimmy whimpered, squirming in Cold’s lap. He knew what was coming next.

Cold chuckled quietly, sliding the cool leather across Jimmy’s tender flesh. “Are you ready, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, taking a big breath.

The first crack of the belt made Jimmy cry out, a line of fire racing across his cheeks that burned ferociously. It stung and throbbed, Jimmy’s hands curling into tight fists. “Fuck!”

“Good boy, such a good boy for me,” Cold praised, whipping the belt down for the second strike.

Jimmy nearly came off Cold’s lap, wondering how if it was possible that he could hit the exact same place twice. It throbbed wickedly, tears springing up in his eyes, a broken moan getting trapped in his throat as he sobbed, “Fuuu-uck!”

“One more,” Cold assured him, pressing his hand at the small of Jimmy’s back as he whipped the belt across his ass a final time.

That strike made Jimmy’s spine ache, sobbing as he rocked his hips down against Cold’s thigh as if he could wiggle away from the pain. He whimpered as Cold gently petted his raw flesh, praising, “You were magnificent, Mr. Poe… you took them all so beautifully.”

“Thank you, sir.” Jimmy’s body went limp, his eyes closing as Cold continued to pet and massage his ass and lower back. He could still feel the burning lines pulsing across his ass, grinning softly as Cold’s fingers traced each one reverently.

“Can you walk, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked casually, clearly in no hurry, still rubbing away.

Jimmy tried wiggling his legs, laughing breathlessly. They felt tingly and weak from being stretched out like this for so long, replying, “Not even sure I can stand.”

“Come here,” Cold murmured, easily rolling Jimmy over in his lap, slipping his arms under his knees and his back. He stood up and carried him over to the bed. He set him down gently, tapping his thigh.

“Up on your knees,” he commanded.

Jimmy stretched out his body for a brief moment, whining as his tender ass rubbed against the sheets. He grunted, slowly getting into position, gasping when Cold roughly grabbed his hips. He arched his back, dropping onto his elbows, spreading his knees wide on the edge of the mattress.

“Perfect,” Cold purred happily at the beautiful display, again tracing the lines left from his belt then moving his fingers to play with Jimmy’s hole.
Jimmy gasped, pressing his face against the bed.

He was exposed and raw, groaning brokenly as Cold started to slide his fingers inside of him. He was so wrecked he hadn’t even heard him grabbing the lube, rocking back against his slick and probing fingers.

Jimmy was moaning, louder and louder, his erection still pounding away between his thighs. He whined when Cold was already pressing his cock up against his hole, begging, “God, yes, yes, please, fucking stick it me!”

“Language,” Cold gasped in feign shock, pulling away. “Who knew you had such a dirty mouth, Mr. Poe.”

“Please?” Jimmy asked desperately. “I’m just… I really, really want you.”

“You’ll ask me nicely or not speak at all,” Cold said sternly, Jimmy could hear the belt rattling behind him.

He tensed up, expecting another spanking.

“Open your mouth,” Cold ordered.

Jimmy obeyed, his eyes widening as Cold placed the strap of the belt in his mouth, groaning softly as Cold gave it a small tug. He pulled them back like reins, chuckling darkly.

Jimmy shivered, his tongue soaking up the taste of the earthy leather, whimpering loudly when Cold’s cock began to push against his ass again.

He tried to be quiet, only panting through his nose, and he was promptly rewarded with Cold’s thick cock stretching him out.

Cold began hammering his tight hole mercilessly, pulling the belt and forcing Jimmy’s head to tilt back. He was pulling so hard that Jimmy’s whole body was soon arching into every thrust, screaming over the leather and crying from the abuse.

He was overstimulated and shaking, the sides of his mouth aching from the leather tugging so cruelly. His hole was so full, the heat deep in his loins threatening to burst at any second.

When Cold spanked his sore cheeks and jerked the belt back, Jimmy screamed again, clawing at the sheets. Drool was quickly dribbling down his face, running down his neck and chest. It was all so intense, it burned, and he felt so fucking alive.

Cold snapped the belt again, forcing Jimmy to sit up, steering him back against his chest. The belt dropped away, snatching Jimmy’s hair and pulling him into a hot kiss. He started running his fingers all over the drool, licking and sucking it off of Jimmy’s chin.

Jimmy knew he didn’t usually touch Cold when they had sex like this, but he wanted it so badly. He reached back to grab at Cold’s ass, winding his arm around his neck to scratch his fingers through his hair. “So good,” Jimmy whined as Cold fucked him harder. “Fuck, it’s so good!”

Cold growled, using Jimmy’s own spit as lube as he grabbed his cock. He stroked him at the same feverish pace as his slamming hips, kissing and sucking at Jimmy’s mouth. “Come for me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy’s lips parted in an ecstatic moan, thrusting eagerly into Cold’s tight grip. Cold was slamming his cock faster and faster and Jimmy had no idea who came first, but in seconds they were shuddering together, Jimmy’s whole body aching from the force of it.

“Oh, Rod,” Jimmy whimpered, pulling Cold’s hand and twisting their fingers together tight. He wished this bliss could last forever, his heart still pounding up in his throat. Cold was holding him so sweetly, nuzzling against his neck.

“Well, that was a lovely birthday present,” Cold sighed with a short laugh.

“Good,” Jimmy panted, grinning slyly. “Because that’s all I got you.”

“Mmm, I’m very happy, it was quite thoughtful,” Cold purred graciously. He gently helped Jimmy stretch back out on the bed, tenderly touching the sides of his face where the belt had been rubbing.

“So, do you feel beautiful yet?” Jimmy asked coyly, eagerly leaning into his hand.

“Not sure,” Cold drawled playfully. “We may need to do it again. Not sure if I feel pretty enough.”

“Well, huh, guess I’ll just have to keep trying,” Jimmy sighed dramatically. “I mean, crap, this might take the rest of our lives.”

Cold chuckled to himself, his eyes warm and soft, winking slyly at Jimmy. “Looking forward to it.”

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