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Sexy Saturday 12/28/2019

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a Happy New Year! This is the very last Sexy Saturday post before 2020 – can you believe it?! Thank you to all you wonderful fans for making 2019 so amazing! Now – onto the smut! Another Kinktober prompt from the vault: angry sex!

Warnings: NSFW/angry rough sex/closet abuse


Jimmy wanted angry sex. He wanted Cold to fuck him with hate and bitterness, to fuck him and punish him, to thoroughly use every inch of him in total thoughtless fury.

The problem was…

It was apparently very difficult to piss off Boss Cold.

Jimmy had tried little things: leaving his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, elbows on the table during dinner, chewing with his mouth open.

He got disgruntled glares, firm corrections, but none of the unbridled rage he was seeking. Cold had definitely earned his icy moniker, his anger rarely palpable and only a cool, aloof annoyance permeating through. It wasn’t enough.

It was time to take desperate measures.

Jimmy found himself standing in front of Cold’s closet, staring into a veritable wonderland of pressed suits and silk ties. Everything was arranged meticulously by color and style, little shelves for his nearly paired shoes, and small intricate compartments for tiny things like sock garters.

It was flawless, pristine, organized beyond belief;

A perfect target.

Jimmy reached out, lightly batting the suit closest to him like a cat. He quickly withdrew, watching with wide eyes as the hanger fatally rocked, promptly depositing the jacket onto the floor.

He was struck with an immediate surge of guilt, his instincts drawing him down to pick up the suit.

No, he told himself firmly. It was too late to back out now. He could do this.

One by one, each suit crumpled to the floor. Jimmy even knocked down the shoes and tipped all the ties along with them. He left every shelf and rack completely bare, gleefully shutting the door and hopping into bed.

He shuffled out of his clothing, knowing that Cold would be home soon from a meeting with his Gentlemen. He grabbed lube from their bedside table, eagerly slicking his fingers and plunging them inside of himself.

He wanted to be ready, certain this would be enough to finally stir up Cold’s wrath.

Jimmy was getting so carried away he almost didn’t hear the bedroom doors open. He quickly threw the lube back in the drawer, pulling the blankets over himself, smiling innocently at Cold as he strolled inside.

Cold immediately froze, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. He frowned at Jimmy, asking slowly, “What did you do?”

“Nothing,” Jimmy replied breathlessly, grinning slyly.

“You’re a terrible liar,” Cold drawled, glancing around carefully trying to figure out what was out of place. Finding nothing amiss, he walked towards the liquor cabinet to pour himself a drink, looking back at Jimmy, accusing, “You’re up to something.”

“Maaaybe,” Jimmy teased, squirming eagerly beneath the blankets.

Cold rolled his eyes, taking a long sip of his drink and asking dryly, “Let me guess. This is another attempt to make me angry so you can have your ‘hate sex’?”

“Yup,” Jimmy replied gleefully, “and I think I’ve finally done it.”

“Doubtful,” Cold hummed thoughtfully, poking around his dresser and quickly peeking into the bathroom. He looked around the bedroom again, his eyes falling to the closet.

Jimmy smiled, batting his eyes sweetly.

Cold scowled, gulping back his drink and slamming it down with a bang on top of his dresser. He stalked toward the closet, whipping open the door and stepping inside.

Jimmy listened intently, catching a soft growl and a very exasperated sigh.

Then nothing.

He frowned, sitting up as several more seconds of silence ticked by. He was worried for a moment that his plan hadn’t worked. Maybe it really was impossible to tick off Boss Cold.

Cold slowly stepped out of the closet, carefully removing his jacket and letting it fall to the floor.

Jimmy gulped, his cock twitching at his thigh. He had never seen Cold so careless with his clothing before, not once.

Cold tilted his head, grunting as he popped his neck, his eyes closing softly. He appeared calm, but Jimmy could see how tense his shoulders were and when their eyes met, he knew he had succeeded.

Cold was absolutely enraged.

Jimmy licked his lips, asking coyly, “Something wrong?”

Cold was on him with a fury Jimmy had never seen, his pants ripping at the seam as he forced the zipper down. He pushed Jimmy onto his back, forcing his legs apart as he hissed, “You little fucking brat!”

Jimmy couldn’t help but groan, gasping as Cold’s hand curled around his throat. It wasn’t enough pressure to take away his breath, only what was necessary to keep him pinned to the bed.

Cold roughly stuck two fingers in Jimmy’s hole, two quick thrusts to find he was already wet and open. He growled loudly, and Jimmy couldn’t decide if it was from pleasure or the anger knowing that Jimmy had been expecting this.

He shoved his cock in, one quick thrust and he was already balls deep. Jimmy cried out, the sting unforgiving in spite of the prep, his hands floundering to grab onto Cold’s shoulders.

Cold smacked his hands away, growling, “Do not touch me. You’ve lost that privilege, Mr. Poe. You’re going to stay very still, keep your hands by your sides and be my very own personal fuck toy.”

Jimmy gurgled, barely able to nod before Cold started slamming into him. There was nothing kind about the brutal pace, keeping Jimmy held down tight as he fucked him savagely.

The burn faded and left Jimmy moaning and sobbing in moments. His fingers dug into the sheets, tears in his eyes as Cold pounded his ass without mercy. His head was absolutely swimming, his cock leaking and bouncing against his stomach from every rough thrust.

Cold released his throat to slap both hands against Jimmy’s thighs, spreading his legs wide. “You’re not even fit to take my come,” he raged. “I’m going to bust all over your fucking face like the little brat you are.”

Jimmy whimpered needfully, his head bobbling obediently. Yes, he’d been bad. He had to be punished. His cries were hitting an entire symphony of broken octaves, wailing as Cold flipped him over on his stomach.

Cold shoved his face against the mattress, sinking his thick cock back inside of him without any care, the brutal rhythm starting anew. He twisted his fingers into Jimmy’s hair, leaning over him and hissing in his ear, “Is this what you wanted, Mr. Poe? To anger me so I’d fuck you like a whore?”

“Yes,” Jimmy moaned tearfully, screaming when Cold viciously spanked his ass.

“Yes, what?” Cold shouted angrily.

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy sobbed, yelping as Cold fucked him even harder, his hips certainly leaving bruises from the violent way their bodies were colliding. Relief never came, completely trapped by the ruthless hammering of Cold’s cock.

Cold was being downright cruel, Jimmy sobbing pitifully against the sheets as he took it all. He could feel Cold’s rage in the brutal way he fucked him, the mean way he smacked his ass and the thoughtless twist of his fingers through his hair.

Yes, this is what he wanted.

To be used, demeaned, punished.

Jimmy had been bad, he’d made Cold angry, and he had to pay for it. He couldn’t stop crying, the beautiful heat boiling in his body blurring his vision and making his loins ache. He knew Cold was getting close, the slam of his cock becoming erratic and frenzied.

Jimmy screamed again when Cold spanked his tender ass again with bruising force, bursting into a fresh fit of tears and wailing, “Oh, God…”

“There is no God here,” Cold snarled cruelly. “Only me.”

Jimmy cried, full of shame and bliss from being used so forcefully, his body submitting completely. He moaned desperately when Cold suddenly pulled out, snapping, “Roll over, Mr. Poe. Now.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy mumbled, struggling to turn and face Cold. He gasped when his hair was yanked roughly, finding the swollen and leaking head of Cold’s cock right in his face.

He opened his mouth, his lashes fluttering as the first hot spurt of come hit his cheek. The heat of Cold’s spunk was nothing compared to the blazing flush of his face, the liquid almost refreshing by comparison. He took every splash like a good boy, licking what he could from around his mouth and chin, peering up at Cold with wide eyes.

Cold’s grip in his hair relaxed, bowing down to tenderly kiss his forehead. He sighed haggardly, petting over Jimmy’s scalp where he had been so mean, snorting, “Are you satisfied now?”

Jimmy’s hole was raw and throbbing, his ass was on fire from the brutal spankings, and the come on his face was starting to congeal. Other than the ache in his dick, he felt absolutely fantastic.

“Not quite yet,” Jimmy teased breathlessly, humming softly as Cold began to clean him up. He pouted, asking eagerly, “Can I please come now?”

“After you’re done with your punishment,” Cold drawled, lightly bopping Jimmy on the nose.

“What?” Jimmy scoffed, blinking rapidly. “What’s left?”

“Cleaning up that awful mess you made of my closet,” Cold informed him with a quick kiss. “Obviously.”

Jimmy whined, but couldn’t help the crooked grin curling his lips. He was more than happy to accept his penance, agreeing dutifully, “Yes, sir.”

Sexy Saturday 12/14/2019

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Today’s post is another one from my Kinktober vault because I’ve been crazy busy trying to finish the Cold Hard Cash sequel – one more chapter to go! Whew! Hope you enjoy Cold and Jimmy having some fun with a new gag!

Warnings: NSFW/gags/bondage


“What’s that?”

“What’s what?” Cold replied innocently.

“That!” Jimmy exclaimed, pointing to the large steel hook hanging from their bedroom ceiling.

It had definitely not been there when he left for class that morning.

“Ah, that,” Cold purred, strolling up to Jimmy’s side with a little smirk. “It’s to help improve the quality of your lessons.”

“Oh, shit,” Jimmy said quietly, gazing up at the hook as all the erotic possibilities tumbled over him. His cock twitched in his pants, asking, “How soon can we start?”

“Now if you’d like?” Cold suggested, squeezing Jimmy’s hips.

“Absolutely,” Jimmy nodded eagerly.

Cold chuckled, always amused by his young lover’s exuberance. He trailed his fingers down Jimmy’s spine, his voice becoming firm as he ordered, “Then strip, Mr. Poe. Only from the waist up.”

Jimmy practically tore his shirt off, watching Cold pull out a thick coil of rope and approach him. He swallowed nervously, not sure what was about to happen but unable to hide his excitement.

“Safeword?” Cold asked.

“Ice,” Jimmy replied breathlessly.

“Kneel,” Cold commanded.

Jimmy dropped down obediently, all smiles as Cold expertly bound his hands together. The excess rope was strung into the hook above them, Cold pulling it tight until Jimmy’s arms were raised high above his head.

Jimmy took a deep breath, testing the draw of the rope. Any higher and he would have to raise his body up to prevent the rope pulling on his wrists. He looked up at Cold, his stomach light and bubbling with anticipation.

Cold was getting something from the bedside, returning soon with a gag.

Oh, but this wasn’t Jimmy’s normal ball gag. This one was new, made of shiny black vinyl and instead of a ball it had an open ring of silicone shaped like a pair of lush red lips.

“Fuck,” Jimmy panted, staring at the new toy in awe. It took him a few seconds before he realized he had seen it before. He narrowed his eyes at Cold accusingly, asking slowly, “Been looking at my wish lists?”

“It’s not my fault you forget to close your browser,” Cold pointed out smugly.

“Fair enough,” Jimmy snorted.

“Now,” Cold was quick to ask, “your non-verbal signals?”

“Two fingers for slow down,” Jimmy replied with a nod, “two fists to stop.”

“Good boy,” Cold purred, a gentle hand petting through Jimmy’s hair.

Jimmy sighed softly at the loving touch, opening his mouth expectantly.

Cold carefully set the gag in Jimmy’s mouth, buckling the straps around his head and checking the fit. He stepped back to admire the gorgeous sight, palming the bulge in his pants as he purred, “And don’t you look lovely…”

Jimmy couldn’t answer him, licking over the fresh and strong taste of silicone in his mouth. His cock was hard in his jeans, a sharp contrast to the gelatin quality of his other muscles. He was relaxed and ready, his eyes wide with want as he looked up at Cold.

Cold slid his hands down the rope, playfully ruffling through Jimmy’s hair again before beginning to unbutton his pants and pull his fly open.

Jimmy tensed, tugging impatiently at the ropes as he watched every flick of Cold’s fingers intently. He was already salivating when he saw the thick head of Cold’s cock peeking out from his boxers.

Cold stepped forward, rubbing his cock along the strap of the gag, under Jimmy’s nose, sighing, “You wanted to learn about gags, my love. The benefit of silence, unspoken compliance…”

Jimmy moaned softly, trying to tilt his head to catch Cold’s cock into his mouth.

Cold allowed just the head to pass through the silicone lips, only enough for Jimmy’s tongue to catch a brief taste of him, continuing to drawl, “To learn patience… Obedience. Submission.”

Jimmy groaned quietly, the first hint of drool bubbling up around his bottom lip.

Cold saw it, the wetness catching the light. He visibly shuddered at the sight, pushing his cock through the hole in the gag and sighing audibly when he felt the wet heat of Jimmy’s mouth surround him.

Jimmy’s eyes fluttered shut, grunting as Cold’s cock worked in and out of his mouth. He couldn’t swallow all the saliva pooling in his cheeks, helpless as Cold slowly fucked his throat. He was relaxed enough to control his gag reflex, breathing in between each thrust as Cold pushed deeper.

Cold ran his nails through Jimmy’s hair, lightly scratching his scalp as he purred, “Beautiful.” His fingers held on firmly, his cock thrusting in deep and holding for a few seconds. “You can take it, Mr. Poe… I know you can.”

Jimmy tensed, working through the urge to choke and quickly inhaling when Cold pulled out. He could feel drool dripping down his chin and onto his chest, his eyes watering as he gazed up adoringly at his lover.

Cold stuck his cock back inside Jimmy’s mouth, holding again and sighing pleasurably as he twitched. He started fucking his throat hard, watching all the drool oozing from Jimmy’s lips and slicking up around his shaft.

Jimmy let the restraints take his weight, leaning forward into every brutal slam of Cold’s hot cock. Tears were racing down his face like rivers, joining the moisture at his chin and oozing down his chest. He felt so happy that he could bring Cold such pleasure, his heart racing when he got the first taste of come splashing over his tongue.

“My good boy,” Cold grunted, his hips stuttering throughout his climax. “Such a fucking good boy for me.”

Jimmy whimpered, trying to swallow, trying to suck it all down, but most of Cold’s come ended up drooling out from the sides of the gag. He panted quickly, whining when Cold pulled away, his tongue eagerly chasing every drop of the spilled load that he could get.

Cold hummed softly, tracing a finger over Jimmy’s wet chin, admiring all the fluids that had collected there. He knelt in front of him, his long fingers petting Jimmy’s hard cock through his jeans as he sighed, “You’ve been so very good for me. Are you ready to come, Mr. Poe?”

Jimmy nodded eagerly, rutting up against Cold’s hand. This was his reward. This is what he got because he’d been such a good boy. He moaned the moment Cold’s fingers touched his cock, wet with his own drool and tears, curling around him firmly.

Cold stroked him slowly at first, speeding up and mouthing at the damp skin of his chest. He licked up all the spit, nuzzling into it, jerking Jimmy’s cock until he was shuddering in ecstasy. He hummed again, pleased with the mess on his hand, purring, “So very good…”

Jimmy’s eyes fluttered closed as Cold untied his hands and removed the gag, gently massaging his wrists and checking his fingers. He wiped him down with a warm cloth and soft little kisses, picking him up and taking him into bed to finish cleaning up.

Jimmy stretched his jaw, sore from being open so long, mumbling happily as Cold tended to the last bit of the mess. These tender moments were among Jimmy’s favorites to share with his boyfriend, watching him fondly.

Cold had a small smile on his face, stripping Jimmy down and continuing to wipe him off. Every movement was absolutely worshipful and reverent, leaving Jimmy warm and clean. He snuggled up to Cold’s chest, sighing as he pulled the blankets up over them and kissed his hair.

“Fuck, I love you,” Jimmy gushed.

“I know,” Cold replied with a warm smile, asking softly, “How was that, Jimmy? Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Mmm, well,” Jimmy said cheerfully, “it was very educational.”

“Your lessons are important to me,” Cold chuckled, taking Jimmy’s hand again and rubbing his wrist where the impression of the rope lingered.

“I can’t believe you actually got me that gag! It was even the right color!” Jimmy laughed.

“It’s what you wanted,” Cold said with a shrug. “I do pay attention, Jimmy… and your browser history is hardly discreet.”

Jimmy pursed his lips thoughtfully, asking slowly, “Did you happen to buy anything else off my wish lists?”

Cold grinned, kissing Jimmy’s palm and answering slyly, “Mm, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”

Sexy Saturday 12/07/2019

Sexy Saturday! Yay! Today is gonna be a taste of more Captain Hook and Mr. Bell having some very naughty adventures! Only three more chapters left to write for the Cold Hard Cash sequel and editing is almost done on my vampire novel! Woo-hoo! I hope you all enjoy the smut and have a kick ass weekend!

Warnings: NSFW/spanking/light bondage XD


Peter Pan had been victorious, saving the day and defeating the dreaded Captain Hook.

Hook had nearly been killed by that damn crocodile, the very one who had made a meal of his hand all those years ago. Gobbled up and certain he was being left for dead, he was very surprised to be spat up only moments later.

“No taste for foul pirates,” Bell laughed, though Hook swore there a twinkle of sympathy in his eyes.

“What should we do with him?” Peter wondered.

“Put him in the stocks for everyone to see,” Bell suggested, flitting over to perch on Peter’s shoulder. “Let everyone see how far the mighty Captain Hook has fallen.”


Hook was left there while everyone was off celebrating, his wrists bound in chains, hanging from the rough stocks right in the middle of the town square. His hook was gone, as was his hat, and most of his dignity. He had been pelted with rotten fruit and stones, covered in filth and his lip was crusted in blood.

Should have let the damn crocodile finish him off, he thought bitterly. This humiliation was miserable.

“You poor thing,” Bell’s voice greeted him, deliberately walking up from behind him so he couldn’t turn to look at him. “All locked up and helpless… mmm, looks nice on you.”

Hook gritted his teeth, aware that Bell was fully sized judging by the sound of his footsteps. “Hello, Mr. Bell. Come to gloat, have you?”

“In part,” Bell said, his hands sliding up Hook’s hips and squeezing. “I have other reasons…”

Hook shivered at his touch, wishing he could see what Bell was up to back there. “And those other reasons are?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Bell teased, reaching around and unbuckling Hook’s belt. His hands slipped inside his pants, finding his cock and stroking him slowly.

“What in seven hells-“ Hook spat, gasping sharply when Bell squeezed him. “Mmmph, what are you doing, little fairy?”

“Whatever I want,” Bell taunted, his nimble fingers working fast.

“Someone might see you,” Hook warned, getting hard quickly, trying to buck down into Bell’s hand. “Better hurry.”

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Bell giggled, not allowing Hook any more friction than what he was willing to give him – which wasn’t very much . “I like this… being able to finally touch you, watching you squirm for me…”

Hook growled.

“Starting to understand why you always liked tying me up.” Bell pulled his hand away, moving again and Hook couldn’t tell what he was doing.

Then he felt the hot slide of Bell’s tongue on his dick, groaning softly. The little fairy was down on his knees, right there beneath him, taking his cock into his mouth and sucking every inch.

Bell was fondling his balls, a gentle massage with his palm, squeezing the base of his dick as he bobbed his head. He was moaning so eagerly, leaving Hook to wonder what his other hand was doing.

Hook groaned again, loving the heat and the slippery swipe of Bell’s tongue working over his cock. “God, if only Peter Pan could see you like this. Sucking my cock and touching yourself, hm?”

“Shut up,” Bell hissed, diving back down on Hook’s cock with a noisy slurp.

“Damn!” Hook grunted, his hand clenching and tugging at the stocks. He was close, right at the edge, feeling the tension in his thighs and hips winding down tight until there – there, it was there in his loins and he right about to…

Bell pulled off with a juicy smack of his lips, sighing, “Mmm, well, that was lovely.”

“Ohhhh, you little monster,” Hook hissed furiously. “You’d best finish what needs attending or no amount of clapping will bring you back from where I send you!”

“Pretty big talk from the man all locked up,” Bell cooed, rising from his knees and finally circling around to where Hook could see him.

Hook glared, feeling absolutely ridiculous with his cock hanging out and totally helpless. Someone could pass by at any moment and see him like this, gritting his teeth as he spat, “Why are you doing this, hmm? To torture me? Drive me mad?”

“Why? Is it working?” Bell smiled sweetly, his wings flitting playfully.

“Damn you, you rotten little firefly from hell,” Hook grumbled, yanking at the stocks in frustration.

“Aw, and here I was about to give you a present,” Bell pouted, hovering up above the ground and reaching beneath his skirt.

Hook froze, watching Bell’s hands intently. He was still angry, but this was taking a much more pleasing direction. “A present…?”

“For being such a model prisoner.” Bell’s fluttering wings kept him suspended in the air, the tip of his cock peeking out from his panties and pressing close enough for Hook to see the glittering precome.

“Mm, is that for me?” Hook’s anger was fading, licking his lips slowly. Unexpected, but pleasant enough to calm him.

“Maybe,” Bell said, palming himself lewdly. “Maybe I’ve decided if you take care of me… I’ll get you out of there for a little while and take care of you.”

Hook’s aching balls really hoped this wasn’t a trick.

“How about it?”

Hook rolled his eyes dramatically as if deeply offended by the proposition… and then opened his mouth.

Bell squeaked in delight, hooking his long legs over the top of the stocks and pulling his panties aside so his cock could spring forth. He was able to keep himself hovering just like that, his groin right there in Hook’s face. He guided his dick up to his waiting mouth, rubbing along his lower lip. “Mmm… come on, Captain.”

Hook wasn’t able to push forward, forced to stick out his tongue to get a taste. He licked and licked, groaning as Bell began to slowly push inside his mouth. He firmly wrapped his lips around his shaft, hollowing out his cheeks and sucking hard.

Bell was staring down at him in awe, his wings a fantastic blur as he rocked forward. His cock was quickly getting wet from Hook’s drool, thrusting deeper still and moaning excitedly. “Yes, there, just like that… oh, I should have known your mouth would be positively wicked.”

Hook grunted in reply, swallowing back the tickle in his throat and continuing to suck. Bell was getting so into it, bucking into his mouth and stroking the top of his head adoringly. The attention made Hook’s own bits ache for some of his own, but he kept at it.

Bell’s little body was moving faster, daring to push all the way in and fucking Hook’s throat. His eyes were glassy and his lips parted with a soft cry, gasping, “Oh, my Captain… yes, fuck, yes! Look at you… mmmm, you feel so good!”

Hook clenched his fist, wishing he could touch, growling as he hung his mouth wide open for Bell to take all he wanted. A sudden flood of come filled his mouth, swallowing it all down and groaning as Bell rode his face to wring out every last shiver of pleasure.

“Mmmm… Captain…” Bell groaned happily, pulling his spent cock out and gently wiping off Hook’s chin. “That was fantastic.”

“Do you consider yourself taken care of?” Hook asked calmly, stretching his jaw out with a faint pop.

“Oh, very much so.” Bell fluttered back to the ground, dragging his hands across the stocks. They magically opened and the chains dropped at Hook’s feet.

Hook stood up, his muscles stiff from being held in such an awkward position for so long. He reached for Bell, dragging him close and growling, “Now… I believe it’s my turn, Mr. Bell.”

Bell was shivering with excitement, wiggling in Hook’s grasp and teasing, “Mmm, are you going to tie me up, Captain?”

“Not quite, but I have some ideas,” Hook chuckled, guiding Bell’s hands into the stocks. He didn’t force his head down, but closed the top down on his wrists to keep him in place. “There… now that’s lovely.”

Bell glanced coyly back at Hook over his shoulder, arching his ass up so that his panties peeked out from beneath his short skirt. “Whatever are you going to do with me?”

Hook slid his hand over the curve of Bell’s butt, teasing along the hem of his panties. He smirked again, replying casually, “Fuck you until you’re dripping, perhaps leave you here for your precious Peter to find you…”

Bell whimpered.

“Would you like that?” Hook taunted. “Let him see how I’ve soiled your precious body?”

“Yes,” Bell cried, wiggling desperately.

Hook lamented the loss of his hook, the thought barely leaving his mind before there was a flash of light and it appeared at his wrist. He grinned, using the tip to push up Bell’s skirt. “I see someone wanted the full fantasy, eh?”

Bell turned back to gaze hungrily at Hook, panting softly, “Wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Hook turned his wrist, catching Bell’s panties with his hook and jerking them down with a loud rip. The thin fabric was shredded, enjoying Bell’s approving squeal. He slid a finger around his hole, grinning wickedly when he found him already open and wet. “My, my… someone did come prepared, didn’t they?”

“Come on,” Bell said impatiently, trying to push back on Hook’s hand.

Hook was certainly as eager, watching the blunt head of his cock push inside Bell’s tight ass. The glide was smooth, maddeningly perfect, and he treasured every broken sound the gorgeous fairy made.

He pushed until Bell was totally filled, twisting his hook into his skirts to pull him back as he started to thrust. He wanted to leave Bell screaming and ruined for anyone else, their future unknown except for sharing this moment.

Hot, passionate, both of them craving this connection and the very forbidden nature making it a thousand times more intense.

Hook leered, rearing back his hand and cracking his palm across Bell’s ass. He drove himself cruelly, making the fairy scream and moan without care, loving every frantic sound.

Bell’s head was hanging limp, pulling at the stocks as Hook picked up the pace. It was amazing what the fairy could take, spreading his legs for a deeper angle as his wings fluttered wildly.

Hook wanted Bell all for himself, entertaining fantasies of taking him aboard the Jolly Roger and sailing away forever. What adventures they could have – and the sex, oh, the sex would be incredible.

But a fantasy was all it could be, his stomach dropping with the knowledge the little fairy would never leave that blasted Peter Pan.

He had to make this count, roaring as he threw his entire weight in the mighty slams that dared to carry them both to a blissful end. He clung to Bell, gripping him hard as if he was about to disappear right before his very eyes.

Hook filled him up as promised, sliding his hand around to squeeze his cock and grinning as Bell came all over his fingers almost instantly. He wiped the mess off on Bell’s rumpled skirts, panting, “It’s been fun, Mr. Bell.”

“Uh huh,” Bell gasped, groaning as Hook pulled out. He reached back, his hand magically free of the stocks to touch his gaping, wet hole. He was smiling, pink and happy, sticking out his tongue as he complained, “You’ve absolutely ruined my dress.”

“And I will again, given half a chance,” Hook snorted, watching Bell pull up his shredded panties and smooth down his skirt. He was pleased that Bell didn’t use his magic to clean away the mess, enjoying the thought that the fairy had chosen to be left dripping with his seed.

Even sitting beside his beloved Peter Pan, it would be Hook’s come keeping his panties damp.

“You owe me a new one, Captain,” Bell declared, standing tall with his hands on his hips. He looked perfectly debauched, his lips plump and his hair a mess, never mind the wrinkles still left in his skirts.

“Oh? And how do you expect I’ll be replacing it?” Hook nodded at the stocks. “It’s only a matter of time before I have to return to my new home, you know.”

“You’ll take me to where I got this one, obviously,” Bell snorted, stepping into Hook’s space and sliding his hands up his chest.

“I will?” Hook’s arms hesitantly curled around Bell’s waist. He didn’t know where this was going, but he was quite intrigued.

“You will,” Bell confirmed, his eyes wide and full of mischief. “Come on, Captain Hook… let’s run away.”

“You’re serious?” Hook scoffed, searching Bell’s face for any signs of deception.


“Forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical…”

“What do you have to lose, Captain?” Bell leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Run away with me,” he urged sweetly. “There’s nothing left for either of us here in Never Never Land. Peter has his family, his victory…”

“My ship,” Hook grumbled, trying to hide how that kiss made him blush. They’d never kissed before – and Bell tasted even sweeter than he could have ever imagined, resisting the urge to dive in for more of his lips.

“We don’t need it,” Bell insisted. “Just pick a happy thought and we’ll fly wherever we want to. What do you say?”

“I’d say I still want my damn ship,” Hook protested, adding quickly, “But I am happy to accept your terms, Mr. Bell.”

“Dress first, ship later.”

“Then we have an accord,” Hook purred, giving into temptation and claiming a passionate kiss.

“Mmmm,” Bell hummed happily, his wings fluttering excitedly. “Come on. Let’s get out of here! I’m thinking a black dress…”

“You realize that when we purchase this new dress,” Hook said firmly, “I will be tying you up and ruining it shortly there after?”

“Aye aye, Captain!”

Editing Makes Brain Hurt

I am so happy to announce that I’ve officially started editing the sequel for Cold Hard Cash. Okay, yes, I’ve probably said that before – but I really mean it this time! Now that Mortal Sins is out and kicking some butt, I can focus! So much focus!

What? Am I writing another book while editing the sequel? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m most definitely not writing another sequel to a book that hasn’t even been published yet. That’s crazy! Where did you ever hear such nonsense!?

Okay, fine, it’s true. While editing CHC2 is my priority, a writer must write.

And editing makes my brain go all extra soft.

I’m also tentatively working on a Cold Hard Cash anthology of sorts. If you’ve ever hung out in my FB group, you should be familiar with my Kinktober project from a few years ago. It was thirty-one days of kinky smut (some actually ended up in the CHC sequel), and I’m tempted to publish them.

Obviously, I’d write new material to replace the days that got written into CHC2, but is that something anyone would be interested in? No real plot, just thirty-one straight chapters of kinky sexy times? I have a feeling that a few of you might be… just a hunch.

As always, thank you all for your support and love and reviews and agh! Thank you!!! And for your patience as I diddle around with this weird website thing. Meh, it’ll get there eventually. Too busy writing to mess with it! 😀 😀 😀

<3 Kat

Sexy Saturday 11/30/2019

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Here is a tasty sneak peek at the Cold Hard Cash sequel! Jimmy’s been a bad boy and Cold is gonna help set him straight. Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day and the rest of your holiday weekend kicks some booty!

Warnings: NSFW/spankings/all that good stuff


“How many times did you lie to your father, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked firmly.

“At least five,” Jimmy said, a quick flash of shame curling in his stomach, “and seven times to Maury.”

“Twelve little lies,” Cold tutted, the tips of his fingers touching the base of Jimmy’s spine. “I think twelve spankings is a good start to your punishment, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” Jimmy closed his eyes, his entire body melting as he prepared himself for the first blow. He needed this so badly, he needed to be good.

Cold’s hand cracked across Jimmy’s left cheek with a loud pop, counting out loud, “One.”

Jimmy flinched, taking a deep breath as his skin stung in the most delicious way. The first strike was the easiest although his body tried to move away. He held fast, gasping as Cold spanked the same cheek again.


This one burned a little more after the initial slap, but Jimmy breathed through it.


Jimmy jerked, groaning as Cold put more force behind this spanking. He gritted his teeth, his flesh starting to throb softly. He wanted Cold to switch to the other side, but he showed no signs of changing.


“Oh…” Jimmy whimpered.


“Oh, fuck!” Jimmy’s cheek felt scalded now and he ducked his head down. His face was hot, seeking the cool fabric of the comforter to soothe him. His breathing was becoming more ragged, knowing he wasn’t even halfway done with his punishment yet and his thoughts were starting to fog.



“Seven. Eight. Nine.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jimmy began to sob, rocking back and forth on his knees as he sought relief from the pain. It burned and throbbed, his entire body strung out from a blinding rush of adrenaline.

He took several shaking breaths, groaning when Cold’s palm smoothed over his abused cheek. The burn seemed to radiate across his skin and Cold’s soft touch was like a ripple over a small pond that sent waves of sensation over Jimmy’s entire body.


Jimmy sobbed, clawing at the bed as his eyes began to water.


Jimmy gritted his teeth, telling himself there was only one more, just one more to bare and it would be over.

But the twelfth never came.

Instead, Cold was rummaging around in their beside drawer, ordering, “Don’t move, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy froze, panting and trying to twist his head without compromising his position to see what Cold was doing. He swallowed back his tears, sniffing softly, “Did I do something wrong, sir?”

“On the contrary,” Cold replied, “you were splendid, but I’m not done with your punishment yet.” He moved back behind Jimmy, securing a snug cock ring around his balls and shaft. He checked the fit with a firm tug, asking, “Yes?”

“It’s fine, sir,” Jimmy said, the pressure in his balls already starting to build. He was relaxed now, turning his cheek against the bed as Cold’s freshly lubricated fingers began to play around his hole.

Slick silicone pressed inside of him and Jimmy recognized the familiar vibrating toy. It was set on low for now, a pleasant flutter compared to the throbbing still resonating through his spanked cheek. He shifted his hips, rocking back against Cold’s hand as pushed them toy all the way inside.

“I don’t understand,” Jimmy whined quietly. “What’s, what’s my punishment, sir?”

“This,” Cold said, turning the strength of the vibrations up before grabbing Jimmy’s hips. His monstrous cock pressed against Jimmy’s ass, separated only by the cloth of his pants. “You’re going to stay here, just like this, without touching yourself. Do you understand?”

“Wait, wait!” Jimmy whined, groaning as the vibrations increased. “What if I come? What if… What if I’m not good?”

“Oh, you’ll be perfect,” Cold promised. “I know you will be.”

Jimmy jerked his head up when he realized Cold was leaving the room, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t know what the range was on that damn remote for the plug, but it had to be pretty darn far because the pulsing was only getting stronger.

He bowed his head back down, staring dumbly between his legs at his dripping cock. It was swollen and red, glistening with oozing precome and the vibrations were absolutely relentless. Cold hadn’t said he couldn’t come, and he didn’t know if he was honestly would be able to stop himself if he had.

Jimmy rocked back and forth on his elbows, pushing himself flat against the bed. The pressure of the comforter was too much and before he knew it, he was coming, grinding clumsily down to chase the intense shivers of his orgasm. He kept humping the bed, crying softly as the vibrations took him from pleasure to severe overstimulation.

The pulsing relaxed to a dull hum, Jimmy’s balls absolutely aching from coming so fast. His head actually hurt from the rush, mindlessly rutting his hips in little circles. He was still hard, his cheek still stinging, and that damn plug was still vibrating away.

He could feel sweat breaking out all over his skin, his heart pounding down between his legs as the toy’s vibrations began to slowly pick back up. It took several minutes before they were at full strength, Jimmy left struggling and moaning as he fought not to touch himself. He wanted to come again so badly, anything to grant relief from the incredible pressure.

Jimmy started grinding against the bed again, too desperate to be ashamed of himself. He started moaning more loudly, grabbing a hold of the far edge of the mattress for leverage as he fucked the bed. Being trapped between his stomach and the comforter wasn’t nearly enough friction for his cock, but the vibrations were pounding away inside of him against his prostate and he was so miserably close.

He started to pant, trying to get himself there as fast as he could. The taste of climax felt like it was only moments away, his cock and balls throbbing as he climbed closer and closer to the edge.

And then the vibrations stopped.

Jimmy groaned in frustration at the loss of stimulation, trying to rub his cock and catch the right angle to make himself come. “Fuck! Mmmph! Come on!”

“Mmm, look at you,” Cold’s voice suddenly purred from behind him. “So desperate, so full of need… how many times did you come, Mr. Poe?”

“Just once, sir,” Jimmy replied with a needy little whine. “I was so close, please… Please, I wanna come.”

“No.” Cold held Jimmy’s hip, carefully pulling out the toy and setting it aside to clean up later. He spread Jimmy’s cheeks apart, squeezing the tender one purposely and chuckling when Jimmy wiggled. “Not yet. Not until you’re nice and full, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy wanted to scream, but he held it in, relaxing when Cold pressed his bare cock against his hole. He groaned greedily as Cold pushed inside, the slide slick and easy, taking in every thick inch. He sighed in relief when Cold finally released the cock ring, a fresh rush of blood feeding the burning between his legs.

“There,” Cold purred, thrusting into Jimmy slow and deep. He held Jimmy’s hips tightly, “Just like that, Mr. Poe… my good boy… my perfect, good boy…”

“Yours,” Jimmy cried, his thighs shaking as he clung to the bed to ground himself. He couldn’t take much more, his entire body wrung out with pleasure and pain. “All yours, forever…”

Cold’s pace began to pick up, growling fiercely, “Are you ready to come for me, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes! Please, please, please!”

“Then fucking come!”

Jimmy didn’t hesitate, reaching down to grab himself with a firm hand. He began to stroke, sobbing as he felt his climax stealing away any rational senses and forcing his breath to catch. “Rod! Oh, God! God!”

Cold’s hand came down with one final crack on Jimmy’s ass.

“Fuck!” Jimmy screamed, his vision whiting out as he came hard and shuddered with pleasure. He could feel the echoes of Cold’s firm hand all the way down in his toes, whimpering weakly.

Cold pulled out to finish, grunting as he spilled all over Jimmy’s well spanked ass. Jimmy could hear the smirk in his voice as Cold teased, “Twelve.”

Sexy Saturday 11/23/2019

Hey kits and kittens! Today’s Sexy Saturday is something super fun! Imagine that Tinkerbell is a lovely boy fairy and he decides to make a deal with Captain Hook, add some tasty smut, and voila! Definitely inspired by the movie Hook and a prompt I got on Tumblr, I hope you enjoy today’s post!

Warnings: NSFW/bondage/cross-dressing because even if he’s a boy Bell is wearing that skimpy little green dress XD


“Seven days,” Bell swore, marching boldly across Captain Hook’s desk. “In seven days, I promise you that I can get Peter Pan back into fighting shape!”

“That bloated, fumbling codfish is not a Pan,” Hook snarled, tempted to grab the little fairy and crush him right in his hand. “He’s completely forgotten Neverland. He’s forgotten everything!”

“Come on! You promised your men the war of the century,” Bell went on defiantly. “Do you want to be remembered as a bully or as the great warrior who defeated a heroic Pan?”

Hook bared his teeth in an angry sneer.

“Seven days,” Bell repeated firmly. “Give me a week and I can get him back into shape so you can have your stinky little war.”

“Two days,” Hook countered, slamming his hook into the desk right in front of Bell.

“Four!” Bell’s wings flickered, flying up to stand on the curve of the captain’s hook. “Bare minimum for a decent Pan.”

“Three days,” Hook offered, his face suddenly transforming into a coy smile, “and you let me tie you up… for old times’ sake.”

Bell’s face flushed, glaring up at Hook as he hissed, “That was a long time ago! You had freakin’ kidnapped me! It’s not-“

“But didn’t we have such a lovely evening?” Hook teased, his anger fading as a seductive demeanor took its place. “I seem to recall our time together being very productive… did you ever tell Peter how you can change your size?”

“No!” Bell snapped, zooming up to stick his finger right in Hook’s face. “And neither will you! It’s our secret!”

“Mmm, if only there was such a way for you to convince me to keep it to myself,” Hook drawled, rolling his eyes dramatically.

“You bastard!” Bell seethed. “You promised!”

“Pirate,” Hook reminded smugly, tilting his head like a cat about to pounce. “Come along, Bell. You know I can make all your wishes come true…”

Bell wordlessly flitted back down to Hook’s desk and closed his eyes. There was a flash and a sparkle of fairy dust, now full sized and practically in Hook’s lap. He leaned back on his hands, staring up at the pirate. “Well?”

“Look at you, Mr. Bell,” Hook purred approvingly, his eyes roaming hungrily over Bell’s lean body. He slid his hand and hook up his bare thighs, standing up to press himself close. “You’re even more beautiful than I remember.”

Bell’s lashes fluttered, his skin turning a delightful shade of pink from his cheeks to his chest. The front of his skirt was already tenting, proof of his arousal, demanding huskily, “Still keep silk rope in the bottom drawer?”

“So eager, are we?” Hook taunted, squeezing Bell’s hip and nuzzling along his throat. “Mm, what would your beloved Pan say if he knew how much you love Captain Hook’s cock…”

“Shut up,” Bell grumbled, moaning in surprise when Hook bit down on his shoulder.

Hook slid his hand up Bell’s skirt, feeling him up through his panties. He traced the line of his dick, finding a damp spot around the head and chuckling cruelly. “Mm, look how wet you are for me, little fairy…”

“Let’s go,” Bell huffed, squirming impatiently, “or the deal is off.”

“Tsk tsk,” Hook clicked his tongue. “Always in such a hurry, little Bell. You really should slow down.”

Bell’s wings buzzed in annoyance, reaching forward and cupping Hook’s groin. “Doesn’t feel like you want me to slow down!”

Hook smirked, grabbing Bell’s wrist and twisting it back. “Now, now, don’t you remember the rules? No touching, Mr. Bell.”

Bell yelped, groaning as Hook rolled him over onto his stomach. He arched his ass up, his long legs parting invitingly.

Keeping Bell’s arm pinned behind his back, Hook retrieved a long coil of rope from his desk. He tied Bell’s wrists together, nice and tight, though being mindful of his wings.

Hook knew Bell wouldn’t struggle any more, greedily squeezing his ass through the folds of his skirt.

“Come on,” Bell groaned desperately, his fingers curling into tight fists and tugging at the ropes. “I’m ready for you, Captain!”

“Patience, little fairy,” Hook chastised, pushing Bell’s skirt out of his way and using his hook to tease along the hem. “I want to enjoy this. After all, I do intend to kill your precious Pan and you simply wouldn’t have me after that.”

Bell whimpered at the sensation of Hook steel grazing across his skin, his wings fluttering for a moment before going still. “Yes, Captain,” he said quietly, bowing his head down.

Hook grinned, absolutely delighted, tugging Bell’s panties over and pressing his thumb up against his hole. He was already magically slick and open, Hook testing the fit with his thumb and pressing in slowly.

Bell gasped, eagerly pushing back against Hook’s hand. He was squirming again. “Captain, please…”

Hook used his hook to keep Bell’s panties pulled aside, opening up the fly of his trousers. “Maybe I won’t let you go this time,” he mused, pulling out his cock and sliding between Bell’s cheeks. “Maybe I’ll keep you here, just like this…”

“No,” Bell protested, writhing and twisting his head. “Never! I would never stay with you!”

“Your body betrays your tongue’s lies,” Hook chuckled, watching Bell trying to catch his cock with little wiggles of his hips and push back on it. “I could be so good to you, little fairy… you would make such a fine pet.”

Bell groaned, low and deep, tugging at the rope again and glaring back at Hook. “No man will ever keep me, Captain… not even you.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hook purred, finally tilting his hips forward and pushing his cock into Bell’s tight hole. The exquisite heat wrapped around him made him gasp, the world forgotten as he slipped deeper and deeper.

Bell mewled beautifully, his wings flickering and sparkling as he took on every thick inch.

Hook began to fuck him, hook dragging Bell’s panties roughly and ripping the delicate fabric. He grabbed hold of the rope, using it to hang on as he pounded into him.

Bell was moaning and shuddering with every mean slam, his lips parting in a blissed out smile. Despite all of his protests and arguing, it was crystal clear he loved every second of this.

Hook showed no mercy, driving himself into Bell’s ass relentlessly and only seeking pleasure for himself. He couldn’t help but taunt his captive lover, purring, “Oh, how you adore this… being used… being completely mine…”

Bell cried out, unable to deny it when Hook was balls deep inside of him and making him sing so shamelessly. “Yes,” he gasped, “Captain, yes… I love it…”

Hook twisted Bell’s panties around his hook, sinking the point down into the desk to keep him pinned firmly in place as he continued to ravage him. He ran his hand up the small of Bell’s back, dragging his nails along his spine.

He knew this couldn’t last much longer – all of his crew and that sorry excuse for Peter Pan were waiting outside. He had to make the most of this, growling ferociously and throwing his weight in every mean buck of his hips.

Hook could feel Bell’s impossibly tight ass clenching down on him, his own end coming all too soon. He fucked the gorgeous fairy as hard as he could, a reminder that no one else would be able to bring him such pleasure.

“Captain!” Bell screamed, his little body jerking in bliss as he came. His wings sparkled gorgeously, every bit of his skin glowing with the force of his climax.

Hook let the sensation overtake him, pumping his load deep and growling with every heated pulse. No shanty whore could ever compare to this gorgeous fae, swearing his vision was being blinded by starlight as the final shudders of his orgasm overtook him.

Bell moaned softly, one last happy sound as Hook pressed deep to plant the last of his seed inside of him. He pulled at the ropes, the bindings magically slipping away.

He could have always escaped, Hook realized, struggling to catch his breath. That knowledge made this even more satisfying, pulling out with a low grunt.

Hook watched Bell roll over on his back, fixing his underwear and tugging his skirt back down. He could see the slick stain left on his desk and the vivid blush in Bell’s face left behind from their passionate tryst.

He tidied himself up, intoning deeply, “Now. Three days. Either deliver me Pan or no amount of clapping will bring you back from where I send you…”

Bell hopped off of Hook’s desk, a shimmer of fairy dust passing over his body and reverting to his tiny form. He zipped around in a brilliant blur, promising, “Three days.”

“When your bloated codfish inevitably loses,” Hook taunted happily, “you’ll always have a position waiting here on my crew, little fairy. Many different positions, in fact.”

Bell flew over, planting a tiny kiss on Hook’s cheek. “And when you finally accept defeat? Next time… mmm, maybe you’ll be the one tied up, Captain Hook.”

“Looking forward to it, Mr. Bell.”

Sexy Saturday 11/16/2019

Hi kits and kittens! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Today’s Sexy Saturday is some spanking fun with Jimmy and Boss Cold! Jimmy slacks on his law school studies and Cold sets him straight! This was gonna be in the sequel, but it didn’t make the cut, but I do hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/spankings/belt/humping


“Tell me why you need this, Mr. Poe.”

“Because I’ve been bad,” Jimmy replied immediately. He was on his knees, offering Cold his belt. “I need you to punish me.”

Cold didn’t take the belt yet, reaching out to tap Jimmy’s chin. “Look at me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy obeyed, his eyes already dark with want.

“What did you do, hmm?”

“I… I didn’t pass my ethics test,” Jimmy whispered, a flash of shame tainting his lustful expression.

“The one I offered to help you study for?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What happened, Mr. Poe?”

“I was arrogant,” Jimmy replied honestly. “Things have been going so well at school, and… I thought I could do it on my own.”

“And that’s what you want me to punish you for?” Cold finally took the belt, snapping the leather in his hands with a small smirk.

“Yes, sir.”

“Why don’t we make this a learning experience, hmm?” Cold sat down in the chaise at the foot of their bed, patting his lap. “Take your pants and shoes off. Leave your underwear on for now.”

Jimmy stripped as commanded, laying himself across Cold’s thighs. He was already hard, bowing his head down as Cold petted his clothed ass.

“Now,” Cold said with a soft smile, “what is American Law based on?”

“English Common Law,” Jimmy answered immediately.

“Very good,” Cold praised, patting Jimmy’s butt. “Now, tell me the historical events preceding the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.”

“The Great Depression.”


Jimmy froze.

“I said ‘events’, Mr. Poe. That means more than one.” Cold pulled down Jimmy’s underwear, smacking his bare flesh as a warning. “What other events?”

“Shit,” Jimmy gasped, wiggling from that first smack, trying to wrack his brain. “There was a sickness… a disease… uh…”

Cold spanked, hard and without mercy, demanding, “Tell me what it was, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy whimpered, the sting in his skin making his face flush and his heart start to pound. He squirmed, whining when Cold’s palm passed over his freshly slapped cheek, panting, “It was an epidemic, I know it.”

“But which one?” Cold calmly asked, the buckle of the belt jingling as he raised it up.

Jimmy’s mind was blank. “I can’t remember…”

“And why can’t you remember?”

“Because I didn’t study,” Jimmy confessed, whimpering quietly.

The belt came down with a heavy thwack, Jimmy jerking in Cold’s lap and crying out. It was going to leave a welt, he just knew it, moaning as Cold traced over the angry skin.

Another slap of the belt soon followed, making Jimmy yelp in pain, his head snapping back as a third followed immediately after. He was struggling to catch his breath, grinding into Cold’s leg as he pleaded, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I can’t… I can’t think!”

“You know this,” Cold insisted. “I know you do, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy heard a wet pop, gasping when he felt Cold’s slick finger sliding between his cheeks. He whimpered as he was penetrated, groaning, “It’s… it’s… I don’t know!”

Cold moved his hand, cracking the belt in reply.

Jimmy thrusted his hips down, tightening his fists as he panted through the burn. He gritted his teeth, frustrated and desperate for relief. He had to give Cold an answer.

“Flu,” he gasped suddenly. “It was the flu! There was an influenza epidemic!”

“Very good, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred, his wet fingers returning to play in Jimmy’s hole. Deeper now, a reward, curling up as he ordered, “Define stare decisis.”

“Law made by the decisions of judges,” Jimmy replied confidently, groaning when Cold twisted his fingers pleasurably.

“Good boy,” Cold praised. “Now, tell me when are lawyers allowed to practice outside of the state they’re licensed in?”

“Hey, that’s not even in my ethics syllabus!” Jimmy complained, turning his head to pout at Cold.

“Answer the question, Mr. Poe,” Cold said smugly, slowly starting to pull his fingers out.

“Okay, sir, okay! Uh…”

“Come on…” Cold urged.

“Pro… uh… shit, I know this one.”

Apparently he didn’t know it very well because he still couldn’t answer in a timely manner and Cold reared back to spank him again. Over and over until his cheeks were raw and aching, Cold spanked him.

Jimmy’s cock was leaking, certainly staining Cold’s pants by now, sobbing softly as he got one final spanking that took his breath away. He was limp, his head hanging low, certain that Cold’s strong hands were the only thing keeping him from falling to the floor.

Cold’s hands returned to Jimmy’s abused flesh, massaging the welts and handprints he’d left. “Do you feel more motivated to study for your classes, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, whining as Cold’s fingers moved back between his legs. “I’ll study, I promise. I need to study. I have to.”

“Good boy,” Cold murmured, slipping his fingers back in his hole and squeezing one of his tender cheeks.

Jimmy moaned softly, the pleasure in such contrast to the burning discomfort of his skin making him ache even more for relief. He rocked his hips down, pleading softly, “Can I please come, sir?”

“This is supposed to be a punishment, Mr. Poe,” Cold reminded him, popping his ass lightly.

He didn’t have to hit very hard, Jimmy’s skin already so sensitive from the previous spankings. Jimmy groaned, grinding his hips with more purpose. “Please, sir… I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t… I don’t want to disappoint you again.”

“That’s really why you wanted to be punished, isn’t it?” Cold said thoughtfully, his dexterous fingers still fucking Jimmy’s hole. “Because you know you let me down.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whispered in a hushed voice. “I only want to make you proud… please.”

“Oh, Jimmy,” Cold sighed, his voice gentle and loving, bowing his head to kiss Jimmy’s hair. “You already do.

“Rod,” Jimmy whimpered, his eyes damp with tears.

“Now, come for me,” Cold ordered, firm once more.

Jimmy began to reach down to grab his cock, but Cold twisted his arm against his back. Jimmy’s other arm was stuck bracing himself against the edge of the chaise.

“No hands, Mr. Poe,” Cold said and God, Jimmy could hear him smirking. “Use some of that same focus you could have used for studying to get yourself off.”

Jimmy grunted but nodded, rutting forward against Cold’s thigh and quickly gaining friction. Cold’s fingers were pounding around at him and the occasional smack made him cry out. He kept going, chasing down his climax and struggling to push himself over the edge.

“Come on, Mr. Poe,” Cold purred breathlessly, “come for me.”

That seductive command struck something deep within Jimmy and he came almost immediately with a sharp moan. He grinded himself down into Cold’s lap, caught between his strong fingers and firm thighs.

Cold rocked him through each tremor, patting his ass affectionately when he was done. “Mmm, that’s my good boy.”

Jimmy mumbled sleepily as Cold rolled him over in his lap, cradling him against his chest. He was warm and happy, smiling brightly up at his lover. “Mmm, can we study like this all the time?”

Cold laughed softly, kissing Jimmy’s forehead as he teased, “Hoping to boost your GPA?”

“Hey, getting your ass spanked is really good motivation,” Jimmy chuckled. “Keep this up, I might even make the Dean’s List!”